What are you looking for in a coach?  How do you know whether or not a coach will be a good fit for you?  I always recommend that athletes interview and talk with a variety of coaches to find the best personal fit for them. Feel free to contact me by e-mail at courtneyculligan@yahoo.com to set up a phone consultation to discuss your personal goals for the upcoming season and what your specific needs are in a coach.  All of my training plans are customized to you as an individual athlete and your specific race/training goals.

Training Plans- Triathlon, Running and Cycling

Monthly Cost: $225

Start Up Fee: $100

Services Provided:

Personalized Annual Training Plan geared towards your goals, abilities and lifestyle. Workouts include, time/distance, intensity/pacing and suggested terrain. All of our plans are customized.
Weekly analysis of your training with quality feedback
Initial evaluation of your technique/form in swimming, biking and running. Follow up meetings schedule as needed.
Unlimited e-mail and phone contact with your coach.
Free Training software to track progress
Detailed Initial consultation to evaluate past performance and discuss season goals.

Run Gait Analysis and Run Training

Cost: $80/hour

Services Provided:  Analysis of run form and development of strength specific program to refine muscular imbalances for increased stability and strength.

Personal Training

Cost: $80/hour

Services Provided:  Initial assessment and development of individualized flexibility, stability, cardiovascular conditioning and resistance training program.